Linux – Geeky Again

July 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Very recently i satrted working on Linux. Its been more than 4-5 years since i used unix. Unfortunately, i never got to play with linux at work untill now and the kind of work i have right now gives me a chance to explore 14 distros. TERMINAL on linux makes you feel GEEKY – I guess a lot of people will agree with me.  Ubuntu is back in my scheme of things on my laptop and i’m planning to write my experience with unix here. 🙂

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The Dinner

October 11, 2009 10 comments

Last two weeks have been very eventful and so the blog post. It started 2 weeks back when i met R, few mails exchanged and we decided on hanging around next week. I called R last Saturday(3rd oct) and told that that I’m planning something for Sunday. As usual, Murphy law follows me and i failed to plan anything and mailed R that probably we will hang out next weekend (R got pissed off).

FRIDAY 9th Oct 8:00 PM

Got a call from R. Here goes the conversation ….

R: Hi, Amit … How you doin ?

ME: FIne..How you doin ?

R: Fine.. What are you doin Saturday evening ?

ME: Nothing special.

R: Would you like to hang around with me. I’m planning to got to a concert.

ME: sure, tell me where and what time to come ??

R: sure will tell you tomorrow.


Time: 12:13 PM

Here goes an interesting Text messaging conversation.

ME: you have not send me the address ?

R: I was just going to 😛 show at 5 so come to my place at 4:15 ;  my address:  ***

ME: OK, but I’m still clueless about the show … where are we going ?

R: Palace ground for Mr. Big concert.


Time: 3:34 PM

ME: Some urgent work came up. i will probably get late so you better carry on. I know i have messed it up twice now. SORRY. Btw what are you  doin tomorrow ?

R: What ! you totally suck. Now i go alone.

ME: yeah i know that. Sorry, but i guess your friends are coming there ?

R: I dint really wanted to go to the concert. i wanted to hang around with you. Anyhow … ok

ME: Ok, probably we can meet for dinner after the concert ?

R:  Ok, show is for 2 hours, you can ring me after wards if you WISH.

ME: ok.

At last, we met for dinner, and i got a bit of beating from R as i dint showed up for the concert. We had an awesome time chatting,  discussed about work,  friends,  family,  likes and dislikes etc. As if this was not enough rain god got happy that finally we met and it started raining heavily. It was fun walking on MG road under the slight drizzle. Finally, came back home at 1:15am in night(this is easily the longest dinner i had) after dropping R at her place fully drenched(we lost our way in between) .

All well that ends well.

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Google Wave Invite Preview Opens Today

September 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Every one on my Twitter timeline seems to be bugged by the GoogleWave invite, so i decided to write a blog post about it . Now, what the heck is GoogleWave . I am sure lot of people reading this post already know what it is, but for the sake of it, i will repeat.

GoogleWave is a web-based application that marries multiple forms of communication, including chat, mail and wikis, into a unified interface. Everything inside Wave happens in real time: You can even see a comment being made as the person is typing it, character by character.

Google is giving away 100,000 preview invites today and every one wants to ride the Google Wave and i hope Google doesn’t disappoints them. Best way to get a GoogleWave invite(if you dont get it directly)  is to keep an eye on your friends who got the invite and immediately ping them to send an invite to you.

Or comment here and i’ll send you GoogleWave invite as soon as i get one 😛



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Twestival Bangalore 2009

September 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Twestival Bangalore was organized at Kyra Theatre 12th  September 2009, and ya  I know I am writing this blog post bit late. 🙂

The Twestival concept originated in September last year, when a group of London Twitter users decided to hosted a event called the Harvest Twestival – entirely sponsored by Twitter users.  This was Bangalore’s second Twestival and this time around we named it as  “Twestival 2009 – a festival with a Cause“.
My dear friend “Dhempe” called me up to be a part of Twestival organizing team, and I’m always interested in charity events so I immediately accepted the invitation.  We organized Twestival Bangalore in exactly 2 weeks and none of us had any prior experience in event management.  Kudos to team. 🙂

Twestival Bangalore Team

Twestival Bangalore Team

Thanks to all the media support we got, check out the articles about Twestival.

Times of India


Silicon India

Bangalore Concerts

Upcoming Yahoo Events


Money collected from the event was given to the NGO Dream A Dream which works for the cause of underprivileged children.

The Bangalore Twestival was brilliant with over 140+ people attending a rocking performance by Swarathma, a mesmerizing act by  Nakul Shenoy and  fun filled comedy by Papa CJ and Aron Kader.

Check out the wonderful moments of Twestival Bangalore captured by @raghur

Last, but not the least, thanks to everyone for coming and making this event a big success. Special thanks to our sponsor’s.

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Tata Docomo Lucky 8

September 27, 2009 3 comments

After hearing a lot about the newly launched Tata Docomo telecom services, I finally decided to take a Tata Docomo pre-paid SIM just to check out the services and offering they have in store. And, believe me buying the SIM was pain in the ASS. AFAIK Tata Docomo Sim costs Rs.49 and it comes with unlimited validity so, I directly walked into the shop with required papers and bought a SIM. The retailer asked me to select a number to which i replied “give any fu**kin number, i don’t care, i’m not bugged by numerology”. After successful activation of the SIM, the vendor asks for Rs. 200 and i was like what the fu*k, how come 200 bucks.

Now, according to the vendor 49rs for the SIM plus 100rs talk time recharge(which he said is mandatory) and 50 bucks extra because their is huge demand for the SIM. I was only interested in checking out Tata Docomo GPRS service and din’t wanted the talk time because it was of no use to me so i called Docomo’s customer care who apparently were clueless about why the dealer was charging 200 bucks and they suggested me to buy the SIM from some other vendor. This is what i found if you are buying a new Tata Docomo SIM and want to activate GPRS.

  • Buy new SIM for Rs.49
  • Recharge with Rs.51 talktime(mandatory if you want to activate GPRS).
  • Then get a “special Rs.95 recharge” for GPRS.

I happily came back home with new SIM and told few friends about the incident happened while buying the SIM and the asked me my newly bought number. Here comes another WTF moment, my Tata Docomo starts with 8-05XXXXXXX and i was wondering how the hell a mobile number starts other than digit 9 and before i could realize the100rabh and Prashanth already wrote post’s about it. So, i thought i’ll get this shit sorted for me and this is what i found. With the rapid growth of mobile subscribers in the country, TRAI & DoT launched new mobile series begining with ‘8’ and Tata Docomo grabbed the opportunity to launch the new series first.

Now why is  Tata Docomo 8 lucky for me: because lot of telecom service providers are not updated on this ‘8’ series mobile number so i  can call from Tata Docomo number but cant recieve a call that means DAAKU can call at will to whomever he want’s and you can not call him back on the same number. 😛

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Nokia Music Boot Camp – Bangalore

September 27, 2009 1 comment

Nokia recently launched the Nokia Music Store, where you can play and organize the music you love, discover and download new music, rip and burn CDs, all seamlessly integrated with your PC and compatible mobile device.

I was invited at Nokia Music Boot Camp(held on 23rd September at the Taj Residency) in Bangalore along with other prominent bloggers from bangalore . The event kicked off with a formal introduction to Nokia Music Store by Vineet Taneja(Head-Marketing, Nokia). Here’s the excerpts from what he said at the event.

  • Currently you can only download music using vouchers, but soon you’ll be able to buy retail vouchers and credit cards.
  • Nokia will provide platforms to independent and upcoming labels through the Nokia Music Store.
  • Pricing per song still being negotiated – no indicative prices yet. He promised it’ll be cheap.
  • Sona Mohapatra’s launched her album “DilJale” exclusively on Nokia Music Store.
  • Sona performing at Nokia Music Boot Camp-Bangalore

    Sona performing at Nokia Music Boot Camp-Bangalore

Nokia Music Store introduction was followed by Sona Mohapatra’s brilliant performance. The audience was spellbound by her performance. She started with her new album diljale followed by  her famous track “Bolo Na” and ended with Nusrat Fateh Ali khan’s “piya re piya re” who according to Sona is her inspiration. There was a small quiz about the newly launched Music Store too.  Check out the Pic’s from the event here.

You can download Nokia Music Store here. Currently it supports Windows vista/xp. Here are some tutorial videos that you may find useful.

Nokia Music Store overview :

NMS as a standalone music player :

Transferring music :

Burning a CD :

Create your wishlist :

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MOMO Bangalore

September 2, 2008 Leave a comment

MOMO @ IIM Bangalore 30th Aug 208

It was good that the event was organized on Saturday so that we workaholic’s (at least I love to be called though I am not) can also attend. It took me 15min drive to reach IIMB on my 2stroke bike. There is some thing about IIM’s that makes your body shiver. I can not define it much but there are people who have  defined it in a better way, but there is something you can smell it, you can feel it,the building the garden. Well, enough of IIM back to MOMO, the event was organized in IIMB auditorium. I guess, there were some 40 members when i entered. First, session was keynote: Challenges and opportunities in Indian mobile VAS followed by discussion on VAS.

MOMO B?angalore

MOMO Bangalore

VAS discussion panelist were Ramakrishna(, Abhishek Sinha(EKO india financial Services, V Sasikumar(ekgaon technologies), Raj Raghvan (classifEye), Navin Thangaiah(mChek), Moderator – Ashish Gupta(Helion Ventures).

Mr. Abhishek Sinha of EKO India Financial Services impressed me with his product where in he targeted people at the bottom of the pyramid by providing them a simple procedure for debiting their account irrespective of the phone.

After first session, there was Lunch&Networking session. Lunch was really very good including palak paneer, salad followed by carrot halwa and ice-cream.

Well, i was more interested in the second session “Mobile Marketing & Mobile Advertising” as my company is into Mobile advertising and my CEO was also present there. J

The panelist were Zubair Jandali (AdMob), Santosh Navlani(mKhoj), Debraj Tripathy(OnMobile), Karthee Madaswamy(Qualcomm ventures) , Narsimha Suresh(Telibrahma Convergent) Moderator – Swami Krishna(Sasken).

Basically, they were discussing on how to stuff in some more ad and bombard it on user.

The other two sessions were “Mobile Web” & “Telecom Platform Opportunities” which unfortunately I could not attend as I had to shift my stuffs from CV raman nagar to BTM.

I returned home by 3pm just before rain started and it rained continuously till 7pm. Shit man ! why I came back. All in all it was a great experience and ya i met @Bhuvan  @Twitter.

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