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Google Wave Invite Preview Opens Today

September 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Every one on my Twitter timeline seems to be bugged by the GoogleWave invite, so i decided to write a blog post about it . Now, what the heck is GoogleWave . I am sure lot of people reading this post already know what it is, but for the sake of it, i will repeat.

GoogleWave is a web-based application that marries multiple forms of communication, including chat, mail and wikis, into a unified interface. Everything inside Wave happens in real time: You can even see a comment being made as the person is typing it, character by character.

Google is giving away 100,000 preview invites today and every one wants to ride the Google Wave and i hope Google doesn’t disappoints them. Best way to get a GoogleWave invite(if you dont get it directly)  is to keep an eye on your friends who got the invite and immediately ping them to send an invite to you.

Or comment here and i’ll send you GoogleWave invite as soon as i get one 😛



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Got Google Wave invite? Preview opens today

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Tata Docomo Lucky 8

September 27, 2009 3 comments

After hearing a lot about the newly launched Tata Docomo telecom services, I finally decided to take a Tata Docomo pre-paid SIM just to check out the services and offering they have in store. And, believe me buying the SIM was pain in the ASS. AFAIK Tata Docomo Sim costs Rs.49 and it comes with unlimited validity so, I directly walked into the shop with required papers and bought a SIM. The retailer asked me to select a number to which i replied “give any fu**kin number, i don’t care, i’m not bugged by numerology”. After successful activation of the SIM, the vendor asks for Rs. 200 and i was like what the fu*k, how come 200 bucks.

Now, according to the vendor 49rs for the SIM plus 100rs talk time recharge(which he said is mandatory) and 50 bucks extra because their is huge demand for the SIM. I was only interested in checking out Tata Docomo GPRS service and din’t wanted the talk time because it was of no use to me so i called Docomo’s customer care who apparently were clueless about why the dealer was charging 200 bucks and they suggested me to buy the SIM from some other vendor. This is what i found if you are buying a new Tata Docomo SIM and want to activate GPRS.

  • Buy new SIM for Rs.49
  • Recharge with Rs.51 talktime(mandatory if you want to activate GPRS).
  • Then get a “special Rs.95 recharge” for GPRS.

I happily came back home with new SIM and told few friends about the incident happened while buying the SIM and the asked me my newly bought number. Here comes another WTF moment, my Tata Docomo starts with 8-05XXXXXXX and i was wondering how the hell a mobile number starts other than digit 9 and before i could realize the100rabh and Prashanth already wrote post’s about it. So, i thought i’ll get this shit sorted for me and this is what i found. With the rapid growth of mobile subscribers in the country, TRAI & DoT launched new mobile series begining with ‘8’ and Tata Docomo grabbed the opportunity to launch the new series first.

Now why is  Tata Docomo 8 lucky for me: because lot of telecom service providers are not updated on this ‘8’ series mobile number so i  can call from Tata Docomo number but cant recieve a call that means DAAKU can call at will to whomever he want’s and you can not call him back on the same number. 😛

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