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The Dinner

October 11, 2009 10 comments

Last two weeks have been very eventful and so the blog post. It started 2 weeks back when i met R, few mails exchanged and we decided on hanging around next week. I called R last Saturday(3rd oct) and told that that I’m planning something for Sunday. As usual, Murphy law follows me and i failed to plan anything and mailed R that probably we will hang out next weekend (R got pissed off).

FRIDAY 9th Oct 8:00 PM

Got a call from R. Here goes the conversation ….

R: Hi, Amit … How you doin ?

ME: FIne..How you doin ?

R: Fine.. What are you doin Saturday evening ?

ME: Nothing special.

R: Would you like to hang around with me. I’m planning to got to a concert.

ME: sure, tell me where and what time to come ??

R: sure will tell you tomorrow.


Time: 12:13 PM

Here goes an interesting Text messaging conversation.

ME: you have not send me the address ?

R: I was just going to 😛 show at 5 so come to my place at 4:15 ;  my address:  ***

ME: OK, but I’m still clueless about the show … where are we going ?

R: Palace ground for Mr. Big concert.


Time: 3:34 PM

ME: Some urgent work came up. i will probably get late so you better carry on. I know i have messed it up twice now. SORRY. Btw what are you  doin tomorrow ?

R: What ! you totally suck. Now i go alone.

ME: yeah i know that. Sorry, but i guess your friends are coming there ?

R: I dint really wanted to go to the concert. i wanted to hang around with you. Anyhow … ok

ME: Ok, probably we can meet for dinner after the concert ?

R:  Ok, show is for 2 hours, you can ring me after wards if you WISH.

ME: ok.

At last, we met for dinner, and i got a bit of beating from R as i dint showed up for the concert. We had an awesome time chatting,  discussed about work,  friends,  family,  likes and dislikes etc. As if this was not enough rain god got happy that finally we met and it started raining heavily. It was fun walking on MG road under the slight drizzle. Finally, came back home at 1:15am in night(this is easily the longest dinner i had) after dropping R at her place fully drenched(we lost our way in between) .

All well that ends well.

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